Apply this to any of your broken makeup and it will restore it to good as new!

What’s a worse nightmare for a girl than dropping and shattering that newly bought makeup palette? Not only is your beloved makeup ruined but those big bucks you paid for it are wasted too, how tragic!

Fortunately there’s an easy way to fix your broken makeup, the Moon Mousse Magic Makeup Repair is designed to do this job easily and efficiently. Check out how it works from our step by step instructions below!

Add Moon Mousse to the broken makeup, use the spatula from the kit to gradually incorporate the mousse into the makeup

Keep adding in the mousse little by little and mix it into the makeup until the makeup becomes a thick paste

Close the cover and let the makeup dry for 6-8 hours

After it’s dried, use the stamping tool from the kit to compress and even out the makeup powder

Ta-da! Your makeup is now fully restored and good as new! Doesn’t it look awesome?

For more information and detailed directions, watch the full video below:

This mousse is not only handy to use but made with wholesome ingredients including jojoba oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and Vitamin E. Good luck and hope you enjoyed this video!

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