Baby owl snared by fishing line screeches for help—hiker didn’t have knife, so he uses this

One man recorded his efforts to save a hopelessly entangled owlet—it’s heart-wrenching cries slowly stopped as he removed the fishing line from its wing.

A man hiking in a wooded area came upon an unexpected scene. Helplessly dangling from a tall tree, a baby owl was snared by its wing with what appears to be fishing line. The baby owl screeched pitifully while swinging to and fro with its eyes wide—clearly, it was terrified and hurt. What a nightmare! One can’t imagine how scary it feels for a trapped, small animal who’s incapable of getting away.

The man’s only thought was to save the baby owl, but how?

Luckily, this man’s nail clippers were able to unravel the twine as he did not include a knife in his backpack. With amazing composure, he approaches the owlet while making soothing sounds in an attempt to calm it down. He caught the terrified little owlet in his hand, and then he cut the line. After freeing it from the branch, he observed the tip of the owlet’s wing was bound very tightly by more knotted fishing line.

The nail clippers were blunt, and holding the owlet in one hand while trying to cut off the fishing line was akin to a juggling act. He decided to put the owlet down on the ground. The owlet lay down very quietly, and with incredible dexterity, the man meticulously cut off the tight fishing line.

To the hiker’s relief, the owlet got up and tried to fly, but it was obviously wounded and wasn’t able to get as much lift as it needed to soar away.

Kudos to this kind man for rescuing this little soul! If he were not there to save this bird, who knows what would’ve happened to it.

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