Bikers’ ride is interrupted by litter of kittens—but after getting close, they rush to the vet

When a couple of motorcyclists come across a litter of kittens by the roadside, footage taken from a helmet camera shows them stop to see if they can lend a helping hand. Luckily they did, as they found one of the kittens was injured, and unable to walk.

Being the kindhearted couple that they are, they picked up the injured black-and-white kitty and took it to the vet for treatment.

And the best part? They adopted the kitten to give it a great life. They had to leave the other kittens behind as they had no room on their bikes, but they did so in assurance, as the kittens’ mother was by their side, so at least they were in good paws.

Video Credit: YouTube | POLLO.