Bowling ball looks too heavy for tiny toddler. But when he picks it up and throws—I’m speechless

At just 18 months old, Magnus Hill was brought to the bowling alley for the first time by his parents.

Now, he’s three-years old, and he’s spent over half his life learning how to toss the heavy, solid bowling balls down lanes towards the 10 pins at the end.

Although he can’t quite use the adult sized balls yet, his family decided to pull out the camera when he stepped up for his turn one day at the alley—and when you see how he does, you’ll seriously question your own scores at the lanes!

Smiling with a head full of shaggy blonde curls, Hill trots over to the lane with a bowling ball cradled in his arms.

Unable to swing the ball from his fingertips at that age, it looks like he’s destined for a gutter ball; he turns to the side as he swings back, then tosses his bowling ball gently towards the center of the lane.

As the camera follows its progress down the smooth, polished surface, though, it never wavers towards the gutters. And by the time it hits the pins, you’ll be cheering as loudly as his parents do for this impressively executed strike!

Thrilled by his result, the tot throws his hands in the air in celebration—and we, frankly, can’t blame him one bit.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | AFV