Cheeky monkey enters jewelry store—when staff sees what it puts in its mouth, they give chase

A bizarre moment was captured on CCTV cameras when a monkey barged inside an Indian jewelry store to launch a “robbery.”

There’s some monkey business going on at this jewelry store in Guntur district, Andra Pradesh, India.

A monkey was seen venturing behind the counter, opening a drawer, and taking out a wad of cash—worth 10,000 rupees (approx. US$153). With the money in its mouth, the primate then scurried away, forcing the staff member to give chase.

This cheeky “thief” reportedly threw a guava into the shop before committing the “robbery.” We wonder what the monkey is planning to do with all that money.

Watch the primate’s stealthy actions in the clip.

Video credit: YouTube | Caters Clips.