Couple hug adopted sons in airport after 3 yrs—this stunning reunion will leave you in tears!

Imagine waiting three years to hug your children.

For parents Jennifer and James Grover, that wait was all too painful and real.

After two failed adoption attempts, the Grovers had finally found two sons to bring into their home; with official papers in hand, the couple prepared for their family to finally become whole with the arrival of Joseph and Bronson from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Just as they were preparing for their adoptive sons to fly to the couple’s home in Utah, though, they received devastating news.

The government in Congo gave little explanation before suspending all exit letters for children adopted outside the country, effectively halting any attempts to bring home Joseph and Bronson.

The couple sat in limbo for the next three years, communicating with their sons from thousands of miles away and visiting them for the face-to-face interaction.

It was heartbreaking for the parents and children alike, who grew closer every day but sat trapped on opposite sides of the world.

Finally, though, the Congalese government lifted the suspension—and Joseph and Bronson hopped on a plane to Salt Lake City, where they engaged in the most heartwarming reunion with their parents you’ll ever see.

I can’t imagine being unable to bring my child home for three years; what these parents and their sons went through must have been impossibly difficult. This is a happy ending to bring tears to your eyes!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | storyful