Cries heard from pipe running deep underground—when rescuers arrive, they tear up pavement

No one knows how this small pup managed to get stuck in an underground pipe, but its amazing rescue was captured in the video above. Check it out.

On Feb. 9, 2012, the Michigan Humane Society rushed to rescue a 4-week-old puppy trapped deep in an underground pipe in Detroit. Once there, all they could hear were his muffled whimpers.

No one knew how the small pup, a Puggle-Daschund mix, crawled into the basement drain of his home and ended up traveling more than 15 feet down the pipe. After determining the exact location the puppy was in, rescuers called in an excavator to dig out more than 5 feet of earth above the pipe, according to the Michigan Humane Society website.

Finally, after nine hours of hard work, a rescuer was able to grab the tiny pup from the pipe. Luckily, it’s a happy ending for this puppy.

Video Credit: Michigan Humane Society.