Dad makes funny faces with baby—but when he starts ‘crying,’ his baby’s reaction is hysterical

Although babies may not be able to walk, talk, or express themselves when they’re first born, the cutie pies learn all that through watching their parents and siblings around them. It’s how they learn to process things and behave themselves, making a parent’s job as a role model incredibly important.

As this hilarious father-son interaction shows, though, they can’t help themselves when it comes to mimicking parent behavior. And the little one in this short clip isn’t just mimicking his dad’s expressions, he is genuinely feeling them too.

This dad filmed his son Aris copying his cries to show just how seriously his son takes the art of copying him, showing off the adorable interaction at their home in Texas.

Every time dad sheds a tear, baby Aris cries along – and as soon as dad’s eyes are dry, baby Aris stops as if nothing happened.

The pair go back and forth with the mimicking sobs until dad finally gives in and gives Aris a big kiss, wiping his tears that escaped despite nothing actually making this dad or baby sad, well besides his dad being upset.

As one social media user noted: “Because baby thinks his dad is in trouble, so baby cries for help. V (sic) think that kids know nothing.”

Another noticed the infant was genuinely sad: “Just shows you babies do care how a parent feels. And share their emotions .but baby was really upset when his dad was crying.”

It’s cute and pretty funny, but also an important reminder: even when you think they can’t tell what you’re doing, babies are picking up every movement and sound! What better way to show that parents really are their kids’ first teachers.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Newsflare