Elephant calf injured by snare and doomed to die, but rescuers come in the nick of time

Watching this injured elephant calf suffer from stepping into a snare is heartbreaking. But with the help of kindhearted people, all is not lost yet.

In February 2015, staff from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) spotted an injured elephant calf. The poor animal stepped into a snare, and the wire cut through to its bone, causing much pain and suffering.

DSWT sent their mobile veterinary unit to help the elephant. Vets moved quickly to clean the wound and applied green clay, a natural substance known to help with the healing process and also prevent infection.

After three weeks, the team checked up on the elephant again and found that the wound had become worse. They couldn’t leave the calf in the wild in this condition for it would definitely die. There was no choice but to transport it 350 kilometers (217 miles) to the trust’s medical center in Nairobi.

At DSWT Elephant Orphanage, the elephant’s leg was cleaned and dressed again. The animal was kept under intensive care so its condition could be monitored. Three weeks later, it was released into the nursery where other orphaned and injured elephants stayed.

Judging by its wound though, the leg may probably never fully heal. Nevertheless, the elephant calf now has a chance of recovering and surviving.