Elephant sees its human ‘fall down’ and leaps to the rescue. When it kneels down to help—so cute!

This elephant trainer in Chiang Mai, Thailand wanted to demonstrate just how strong the bond between him and his elephant of 12 years is using the good old fashioned fake injury trick!

Smiling at the camera, the caretaker or “mahout” in Thai, heads towards his elephant Thongsri and drops to the ground, waiting for her to notice.

The 17-year-old female elephant then rushes to his side and circles around her mahout, as though protecting him from potential danger as he lies in a vulnerable position, seemingly helpless.

The gentle giant is careful not to trample her friend and, in an incredible move, even kneels down stooping to his level. We’re not sure if this mahout trained his elephant to perform this trick or if she is genuinely concerned he may be injured, but either way, it’s clear this man enjoys feeling loved by his big friend—and who wouldn’t?

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Viral Hog