Excited fisherman holds up injured bird for a picture—but it’s not what it looks like

While out fishing near Bourne, Massachusetts, a fisherman felt a strong tug on his line.

The available sea life swimming around Buzzard’s Bay, the body of water along the coast of the small peninsula town, tends to be fantastic. That day in particular, though, the fishing had been “pretty slow”—so catching anything at all was supposed to be a plus.

This man was hoping for a big catch, but while looking out into the calm waters, he noticed someone had left an unusual catch hooked to a fishing line.

It was an animal he didn’t want to take home but definitely didn’t want to abandon either. So, instead of leaving it to die out at bay, he decided to reel in the “pure evil bird” and set it free.

The fishing line and hook was now tangled in the poor creature’s beak and would almost certainly prevent him from hunting and surviving.

It wasn’t an easy rescue, and unfortunately may have caused the bird a bit of pain when the man had to use another line to snag the one the bird was caught in. Once he had reeled the cormorant in close to the jetty, though, he quickly and efficiently went about his rescue, trying to free the captured aviator with as little fanfare as possible.

Finally, after posing for pictures with his new friend, he tossed the bird back into the air to his newfound freedom!

Although this fisherman may not have brought in exactly what he’d been hoping for that day, at least he was able to do some real good.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin