Family surprises mom with mysterious envelope. But what’s inside—she didn’t think it was possible

Time and time again, parents have recorded the reactions of their children getting incredible surprises for birthdays and holidays.

From trips to Disney World and concert tickets to incredible new cars and life experiences, parents provide their children with dreams come true time and time again.

Sometimes, though, the best reactions of all come when the roles are reversed.

It can be incredibly difficult to get a hold of concert tickets for some of the biggest artists on the market, and Adele is certainly a prime example. The Great Britain-born superstar sells out her concerts in mere hours time and time again.

As YouTube user Kylie James shared with the world, though, her family was able to snag some tickets for the family matriarch, who’s a huge Adele fan—and her reaction will give you all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings!

Unable to contain her tears, James’ mom looks around at the family as she holds her incredible gift. Her voice is high and choked up as she asks how they managed to get a hold of them, because they sold out “so fast”—but despite having to ask if they were real, the family assured her that it was simply a Christmas miracle.

Hopefully, the concert was everything she hoped it would be and more!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | AFV