Firemen reach down into a narrow crack—when they end up pulling this out, WOW!

Firefighters get all sorts of unique requests throughout their day. After all, the age-old kitten stuck in a tree stereotype didn’t just come out of nowhere.

For this fire department in Crofton, British Columbia, though, one call may have been stranger than the rest.

Homeowner Brian Pankratz dialed the department when, after going outside to investigate mysterious sounds coming from his garden, he found a deer stuck tightly between a rock retaining wall and his back fence. The small animal had somehow crept in or fallen in, and he was unable to get back out.

“My first thought was that this was the deer that ate all my flowers! But my anger faded quickly away as I saw the little guy struggling,” Pankratz admitted, explaining that he called in the fire department to help out the poor animal.

The rescue was not too difficult but took a little bit of figuring out. They weren’t sure whether to lift him or whether to use a rope, but eventually, it was easier than they anticipated, as you can see from this footage.

Eventually, though, the deer was free—and after making sure all the rope was untangled, the firemen let the inquisitive creature head out on his way, hopefully to return to the forest near the developing subdivision.

While fighting fires is still the primary responsibility of these incredible first responders, their actions in situations like this are a reminder that they really are the heroes of their community. Let’s all give them a big hand!