Girl says school’s no fun—but when dad ‘accidentally’ misses a turn, mom reveals secret plan

This viral clip shows a cute little girl named Lily being driven to school with her younger sister, Chloe, tagging along.

The video was lovingly recorded by their mother and uploaded to YouTube in 2013 on the channel Lily & Chloe Official.

Lily tells her mom that school is not always fun, and she would like to take Duffy the teddy bear to class. Her mom then tells her that she would not be able to do that. Sensing Lily’s disappointment, her mom says something that comes as a total surprise.

The mother suggests they ditch school, and then reveals the wonderful plan for a surprise trip. This changes Lily’s mood instantly, and she shrieks happily and then pauses to ask, “Are you serious?”

Moments later, “Oh my God,” is all she could say while sobbing in disbelief.

But the way her little sister, Chloe, reacts is something just super cute. The adorable Chloe’s sassy look became so famous that she’s now known as the side-eyed meme girl on social media.

Find out what the surprise was and how Chloe reacted. Enjoy the video!

Video Credit: YouTube | Lily & Chloe Official.

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