Guy comes up with solar dish for cooking his food—then something goes terribly wrong

A man thought he had come up with a new and creative way to cook his lunch using only the power of the sun. With a solar dish, he ingeniously focuses the sun’s rays to pass through a glass container and cook the food inside—however, things don’t always work the way you plan them, and in this case, the result is hilarious!

The man describes his ingenious new cooking method on camera—how he uses a glass container so that the sun’s rays will pass through and cook the food directly. “The sunlight is being concentrated through the glass, straight into the food, so it will not—”

And suddenly, his demonstration is cut short by an unexpected glitch in the experiment, which results in food out of the container and all over the solar dish.

Watch his hilarious reaction when he realizes the theory would not hold water—let alone food—in practice!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin