He hand juices 220 pounds of watermelon—but it’s what he does with it that has me surprised

This kind-hearted man in Tamil Nadu, India took it upon himself to go through 100 kilograms (that’s 220 pounds) of watermelon to make juice for the homeless—all by hand.

No doubt it would go more quickly with a blender or juicer, but Arumugam Gopinath pours generosity and love into every cup of juice he makes and hands out. Here’s his process: first, he slices off the top of the watermelon and mashes the sweet flesh into a pulpy juice using a star-shaped tool. He pours the juice out into a large container. He then drills a tiny hole into each watermelon to insert a spout—transforming it into a little cooler, basically. He fills up the watermelon with the juice he just extracted, and now it can fill cup after cup of juice that he distributes to the homeless.

The video was posted by the Village Food Factory YouTube channel, which documents Gopinath’s many acts of kindness in feeding the hungry and homeless.

Watermelon juice is deliciously refreshing and packed with vitamins and nutrients. They come in round, oblong or spherical shapes; light to dark green in colour with lighter green stripes. The succulent flesh is typically dark red in colour but can also be found in dark brown, orange, yellow or pink. Since it’s one of our all time favourite fruits, we would like to share some of the top benefits of watermelon juice with you:

1. It’s alkalizing properties are able to fight of and prevent diseases, since an diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The watermelon juice neutralizes the toxic condition of the body.

2. Studies have shown that watermelons contains lycopene – the super antioxidant that is anti-inflammatory and can help prevent inflammation that may lead to cancer. It is at least 1.5 x the amount found in tomatoes.

3. It’s cleansing properties are healing for bladder and kidney problems. Drinking enough watermelon juice, including the rind can help flush out kidney stones.

4. Watermelon juice is packed with minerals that replenish electrolytes lost after working out or if your body just feels drained. An added bonus, it also helps reduce sore muscles after your workout.

5. Watermelon juice also makes it’s debut in the beauty and skincare industry as well. Applying some fresh watermelon juice onto any skin blemish liberally, leave for ten minutes then rinse with cold water and pat dry. It is a great source of Vitamin A which is responsible for sebum production that keeps the skin and hair moisturized. It is absolutely refreshing and brightening.

6. If you’re looking to lose weight, watermelon juice is low on calories coming in at about 40 calories per cup.

7. It’s high water and fiber content helps reduce constipation. It keeps bowel movements regular promoting a healthy digestive tract.

8. Studies have shown that it protects the heart and keeps heart attacks and strokes at minimum.

Most parts of the watermelon are safe to eat and are consumable- yes including the seeds – except for the tough hard outer skin. Now that you know, go ahead and step your watermelon juice game up.

The video was posted by the Village Food Factory YouTube channel, which documents Gopinath’s many acts of kindness in feeding the hungry and homeless.