This mother dog is so happy to be nursing this tiny pet—but this pet isn’t what you’d expect!

Human beings are known for their adoptive behaviors, with kindness as a foundation, taking in everyone from orphaned children to animals in distress.

You may not realize just how adept other animals are at caring for newly-adopted family members, though!

This dog looks perfectly content to share her nursing capabilities with a defenseless young animal not already a part of her own litter. While we’ve seen plenty of animals take in orphaned members of their own species, though, this case is especially unique because the dog’s new charge isn’t a puppy at all—it’s a young kitten.

Cats, or course, are surprisingly quick to foster animals in need, of all species, taking in everything from dogs to ducks, in addition to kittens left without litters. As you can see from this video here, a mother dog is more than happy to do the same, and she appears to be loving every adorable minute of it!

Just another reminder for all of us how love truly transcends boundaries, whether it be between different races or nationalities or different species. This mother dog shows how all living creatures can live and have compassion for one another and how much happiness that brings!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | ViralHog