Man films 40 gazelle crossing a river—then, a massive water ambush explodes like lightning!

The animal kingdom is full of stories both fascinating and heartbreaking, as well as unexpected and dangerous encounters.

And as this video from the Mara Triangle in Kenya shows, the wilderness is nothing to take lightly!

Every year, thousands of animals cross the Mara River in their annual migration. It’s a perilous crossing, but completely unavoidable; there is no other way to get where the herds need to go.

The water itself isn’t treacherously deep, so the physical act of crossing the river itself doesn’t pose much danger. The hundreds of six-foot-long crocodiles that lie in wait, though, do. Just like the knife-wielding villain in a horror movie, you know they’re there, and you know things aren’t going to end well for everyone making their way across the waters.

Sure enough, this herd of about 40 gazelle attempt to make the crossing together, hoping that their numbers will increase their odds of survival.

One dashes in and crosses unscathed before the rest herd follows—and the moment, the herd enters, an ambush is set off! Watch as giant crocodiles explodes into action through the water, like speedboats, clamping down on a helpless gazelle, taking them down for a death roll. It’s over, for sure, at least for these few.

If this croc ambush doesn’t instill a healthy respect for the animal kingdom, nothing will! Watch how fast these water reptiles can move and how powerful their take down is in this remarkable footage!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Barcroft Animals