Homeless man receives money from stranger, and surprises him by buying a ‘thank you meal’

In this video, you can see a young man trying to help a homeless person. But it turns out that the homeless man has much more on his mind—his true nature shines through like a breath of fresh air, leaving his benefactor an amazing gift.

As the story unfolds, Mark, who although homeless, is touched by the generosity of Karim, and he can’t quite believe that a total stranger is interested in his welfare enough to offer him some cash.

He gratefully accepts the money and says to Karim, “Please sit, just for a minute maybe?”

Karim agrees and sits down beside him. But suddenly, Mark gets up from the pavement, collects his bag, and asks Karim to wait for him—he will only be gone for a minute. Karim is not sure what is going on, and is a bit tentative, but decides to wait there anyway.

In a short while, Mark returns with a surprise for Karim—he has bought him a meal. He had turned the table on his new acquaintance.

As he hands Karim the meal he paid for with the money Karim just donated to him, Mark says, “I haven’t eaten a good meal in a while.”

They share a meal together sitting on the pavement, and Mark shares his thoughts. Karim becomes emotional as he realizes it is not just about the money or lack of it, but so much more.

Mark has a generosity of spirit that has truly left an impression on Karim and has given him something precious—the gift of friendship!

How homeless people behave when tempted by money- Such kind souls