Hunchback dog is a true German shepherd—but his ‘puppy heart’ made him an internet sensation

This video captures the spirit of Quasimodo perfectly. He is a purebred Alsatian, although he has short-spine syndrome—a rare condition of which there are only very few known cases in the world.

His chest is a third of the normal size and he has virtually no neck, but this adorable canine is not short on character. He is just so cool!

©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor

Quasimodo was found fearfully running around homeless in Kentucky, USA; capturing him was not really an easy task. Later on, he was taken to Secondhand Hounds Animal Shelter in Eden Prairie, MN, where he is under the loving care of the founder, Rachel Mairose.

She says that Quasi is totally lovable and thinks of himself as Casanova. He has a long list of supporters, amassing over 350,000 followers on his Facebook page—Quasi the Great.

©Getty Images | Barcroft Media / Contributor

Fortunately, Quasi is not in any pain. He has had some surgeries but that has not quenched his love of life. He enjoys playing and easily gives his buddies at the shelter a run for their money.

Just watch how amazing he is—he might not look beautiful on the outside but he has a great nature and it shows!