It looks like a floor full of puppies playing games—but one of them is acting very strangely!

What could be cuter than a floor full of puppies? Well, just add yet another puppy to the mix—even if it may not be exactly what you’d expect!

This adorable video went viral when someone filmed their sextet of hilarious, tiny Pomeranian puppies dancing around the kitchen, trying to engage a seventh “mystery” puppy—whom they were sure was there to become their newest friend—in a fun game.

The only problem? Look closer at that fifth puppy—it isn’t actually a dog at all!

These hilarious little pups have been fooled by a robotic toy dog, believing that he’s just another one of them and trying their hardest to engage him no matter what.

In fairness to the enthusiastic—but very confused—little four-legged friends, the tiny robotic dog moves around and wags his tail just like a normal puppy would. Though the movements are a bit stiff and the emotional response a bit sluggish, these pups are far from giving up in the game!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | JukinVideo