It looks like this black lab is nursing her pup. A closer look—it’s actually a deadly predator

Even if raising a child that is not her own, a mother will always be a mother, just like the dog in this video.

Zookeepers were forced to take a young cub away from its mother after she rejected it. The tiger had already killed two of her cubs as she was carrying them in her mouth.

Now motherless, the young cub was on its own. However, since it was just days old, its body required nourishment that could only be acquired from a mother’s milk. With few options, the zookeepers searched for a viable surrogate mom that would satisfy the cub’s nutritional needs.

Enter Genie, a chocolate labrador. Just like her name, she granted the zookeepers’ wishes. At first, they put a blindfold on her whenever she breastfed the cub, and when she became used to its smell, they let her feed without obstructing her vision. On the third day, Genie took the poor feline under her care along with her puppies.

Since then, they’ve had as perfect of a parent-child relationship that can be had between two different species. Since tourists found out about them, they’ve flocked to the Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahlay Zoo in Indore, India, to get a glimpse of Genie and the tiger cub. According to keeper Yadav, “At Indore zoo, this has proved a big public attraction as it is rare to see a dog adopting a tiger cub.”

Watch the unusual pair’s bond in this video.

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Television.

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