It looks like this man is about to pick someone’s pocket—when he sees camera, it’s hilarious!

This video appears to be a candid encounter caught on camera at an ATM machine—with a hilarious ending.

This viral clip made the rounds across the globe, showing a man attempting to snag someone’s wallet from behind while he was using a sidewalk ATM and then realizing that the security footage caught him in the act!

Then, hilariously, the man changes his tune from callous hoodlum to repentant in an instant. Watch the expression on his face, and see what he does next to atone for his misdeed!

It’s amusing and quirky … but apparently it’s completely fake—just another clever production from internet prankster Halid Arsajev! But it’s convincing enough to give us a good chuckle!

Arsajev, a German internet personality and comedian, filmed the scene as a joke, uploading it for the laughs.

When it went viral, though, he decided to roll with it; he followed it up with jokes about the police hunting him down after the video, and then with pleas to pay his bail when the video made it worldwide.

Upon closer inspection, it’s not hard to tell that the whole thing is set up; the camera is a bit too unsteady to be bolted into the wall, and the ATM user is a bit too enthusiastic (and oblivious) to truly be someone looking to withdraw some money.

For a quick laugh, though, this definitely does the trick!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Halid Arsajev