Man plays musical instrument to 2 dolphins—when they start ‘playing’ back, it’s unbelievable!

Interactions between humans and animals have shifted enormously in the last few decades, as animal rights activism has pushed for more humane relationships between man and nature.

Meanwhile, more than ever, humans have started to showcase the kinship they have with animals, through the internet, whether it be animals talking like humans, hanging out, or even enjoying music. As you can see from this video, music and the harmonies composing it can indeed move animals in a fundamental way—just like humans.

From recorders used to hit dolphin-friendly frequencies to violins that inspire some impressive rhythm in elephants, trainers have been captured bonding with the animals they work with using the power of vibration and sound.

Some are still apprehensive about how the animals truly feel when it comes to the introduction of human music, but a number of species actually seem to enjoy the same music we do.

From the power of classical music seems to have to relax cows to how violins can really seem to excite donkeys, it seems that music really is the great unifier.

Just take a look at this man playing a recorder to a couple of dolphins and see if you disagree!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Jukin