Man pretends to kick puppies in garbage bag in experiment—but citizens’ reactions are incredible

What would you do if you saw a stranger on the street savagely beating a puppy to stop it from barking? If you are like most warm-blooded humans, you would probably be strongly alarmed, even building up the nerve to step in on the poor animal’s behalf!

English YouTuber Julius Dein is well-known for his impromptu public magic trick videos. But on this particular day, he decided to create a social experiment video to catch the reactions of bystanders as he pretends to cruelly abuse a “puppy” in a plastic bag.

Standing around the streets of London, he heartlessly kicks and curses a large trash bag (full of something—not a puppy) to get the whimpering and whining inside, audibly heard, to stop.

As he walks along, he entices street-goers to buy the “puppies” he is carrying in the bag, asking for £50 in exchange for the dogs he claims he no longer wants.

Some citizens look over at Dein suspiciously as they walk by without giving it too much more thought, though a few take the matter more seriously after catching an eyeful of Dein’s shocking display.

It escalates to confrontation with some people, as concerned bystanders seek to make right the cruel injustice before their eyes. The responses are rather powerful emotionally in fact, calling forth action from everyone from beggars, to pet owners, to the elderly. And when the confrontation reaches it’s tipping point, Dein reveals the episode to be no more than a hoax, an experiment.

What he pulls out of the bag stuns the individuals as they realize they’ve been had! some are not amused, though Dein is quick to congradulate them for their sense of justice and humanity.

See how convincingly Dein feigns the role of animal abuser, and take a look at their reactions, which are pure gold to watch!

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Julius Dein