Man ran 2 red lights, has 11 parking tickets—but what he tells Judge, he can hardly believe it

With close to 10 million views, this Providence judge and plaintiff might never have expected this video of their exchange to go viral.

Our plaintiff is in court to have a “boot” removed from his car due to unpaid traffic tickets. A “boot” is a mechanical device that, when affixed to a car wheel, makes it impossible to drive until someone with the proper tools removes it.

The plaintiff has managed to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of fines. The judge learns that the plaintiff works 6 days a week and had just moved, but apparently, this is no excuse for not making even a single payment!

Our plaintiff then makes a request, and the Judge Caprio’s response is spot-on as usual. Watch the video and it becomes clear that, once again, justice prevails in Providence.

The comment section can’t get enough of this judge, however. Pamela Cavanagh wrote on Facebook that, “I like this Judge, full of compassion, but he doesn’t take any nonsense and he’s fair in his assessment and decisions.”

James Kilmer exclaimed, “I think this is what justice is supposed to be.”

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caught in Providence