Man sees a lady crying hysterically on road. Moved by her plight, he makes life-changing offer

In the video, you can see the soul-stirring story of a grief-stricken lady unfolding and the amazing stranger who was prepared to put himself out in order to help get her life back on track.

This man, named Eric, is practicing compassion to the utmost degree. When he came across a damsel in distress, who was crying hysterically, he pulled over and pleaded with her to share her problem with him. She was shaking as she talked with him, sharing her heart out.

Naomi Israel’s life had taken a downturn—she had lost her apartment and her babies, and had even been contemplating suicide. She had been sleeping in her car, alone and despondent, when along came Eric out of nowhere.

He befriended her and gave her some money to help support her—but what he did and said next is astounding, and Naomi couldn’t quite believe it.

The video has been viewed over 8.9 million times and has garnered 35,000 comments. “There are special people an [sic] there are God’s people, son you are both! God Bless You,” commented one viewer.

“God bless you so you keep being a Angel on Earth. We need more people like you in this world,” another wrote.

Do watch the video to know how Eric helped this lady.

Eric is indeed one of a rare breed, and more like him will help change our world. He genuinely wants to help his fellow man in dire straits, and he is naturally drawn to those in need. And for sure, Naomi will be forever grateful for his kindness.