Man slaps a piece of butter around with two paddles. The final result—best butter in France

Made in the Brittany region of France, Bordier Butter is one of the best butter in the world. It’s made in small batches and sold almost exclusively in France. The flavor is rich but not unctuous. It’s unexpectedly complex, creamy and substantial.

Bordier makes its butter in more then ten flavors. If you’re heading to Paris, put having bread and Bordier butter on your list of things to do.
Jean Yves Bordier, the son of a cheesemaker always dreamed of becoming a sailor but instead joined the family business in the town of St. Malo. He would buy cream from nearby farmers and make his own butter in small batches, and finish each one with a far from norm step of kneading it. To do this, he would use a machine with wooden blades that would give the butter a dense and almost gummy texture that is very much different from the waxy finish which we know of. So much the even when chilled, Bordier never gets completely hard. Watch the full video here:

When it comes to flavour, Bordier is rich, complex, creamy and satisfying. Bordier makes its butters in about ten or more inspiring flavours. Sweet, semi-salted, garlic and herbs, sweet Madagascar vanilla and even seaweed to name a few. Each flavour pairs well with your choice of ingredients, for example, the seaweed pairs well with fish while the garlic and herb meshes with meats and roasted vegetables. The sweeter versions like the vanilla and raspberry work wonderfully with breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles and muffins.

Simple ingredients and dishes can be transformed beautifully when you use the best ingredients that you can find- in this case, Bordier butter. A basic saute of vegetable medley can be elevated with a tablespoon or two of this fine butter. Both the flavour and appearance will be amped up. Bordier butter can be very difficult to find outside of France. In that case, it is best to stock up on as much as your budget can allow. It can be found at many whole food like markets and cheese shops. An average of 250 grams cashes in at 3.50 Euros.

So as soon as you land, go ahead and seek out and buy a package, along with a fresh baked baguette. Bring them back to your hotel room and have a snack. If you’re lucky enough to have rented an apartment, even better; buy enough to cook with during your stay. The french artisans take high pride and set exquisitely high standards for their craft. They pay very close attention to things that we in most cases are thoughtless about. Like in the case of this Bordier butter, it is smooth and creamy unlike the sticks of butter we get from the grocery store that taste like fatty wax…yea, we know you haven’t noticed either.

Try this extraordinary butter the way you would regular butter and open up your palate to something high class, fine and elegant. Spread on toasted breads, toss vegetables for a glossy and flavourful finish or even add your own special seasonings to it.

credit: Instagram@parischezsharon