Man starts cleaning sidewalks caked in grime—when he whips out powerwasher, I can’t look away

A promotional video for a small industrial and domestic pressure washing company from Manchester has provided netizens across the globe with an odd sense of relaxation and nostalgic joy.

Blast Away, owned and operated by brothers Lee and Chris claim that they can take on anything from small jobs around the home to large industrial projects, and in this two-minute clip they prove that their power machine’s results aren’t the only satisfaction 100% guaranteed — watching them work is too.

Just watch the grime and filth come off in one fell swoop, revealing a brand new, fresh wall.

Social media users across the globe haven’t been able to look away from the cleaning clip.

One woman said she felt more relaxed after watching this video: “Something therapeutic about watching this , thanks”

Another woman added: “A reliever for my ocd really! keep up the good work guys!”

Fellow tradesmen also shared what they love most about the job: “I have been power washing for 25 years. It’s always gratifying to see the customer smile, when they see their things looking cleaner than they have in years.”

Another professional power cleaner agreed: “Love to power wash…it’s like finding a treasure..washing the dirt away and seeing the beauty underneath is awesome.”

Now if only all our chores were as therapeutic to watch and perform.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Blast Away