Man starts walking funny on treadmill—when you see his mime & moonwalk, you’ll be floored

It’s infectious, it’s fun and, in very little time this viral video has garnered over a million views.

A compilation video by Kevin Parry has the internet two-stepping and throwing out every pun imaginable.

Armed with a treadmill and a camera Parry created a video that has the internet cracking up. Parry’s 6-minute video demonstrates 100 varied walking styles from ‘ballerina’ to a hilariously accurate ‘cowboy’ stroll.

As if Parry’s antics were not enough the internet quickly supplemented his work with numerous puns and barely tolerable ‘dad jokes.’

“Is he the new executive for the Ministry of Silly Walks?”, one viewer commented.

Another added: “Can you give me a step by step tutorial?”

“I liked the part where he walked” was the dryly funny, yet appropriate response by another quick-witted social media user.

Compilation videos have become a staple for users around the globe. The comedic compilation video is a special treat and Kevin Parry has mastered it. Another of his video’s, published in December of 2017 again quickly garnered over million views. His topic? “50 ways to sit”. His work can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keep it up, Kevin! You are doing a fine job and the rest of us out here in internet land thank you for it.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot |  Kevin Parry