Man thrilled to meet little bro after 10 yrs—but when he sees who else has come, he’s floored

In this heartwarming video, a young man waits for his burly older brother to return home from work. It’s been 10 years since they last saw each other. When the big brother opens the door and sees his little brother standing right in front of him, he is so taken aback that he even drops his belongings—but little did he know a second surprise was still awaiting him!

The man takes off his cap and rushes in to greet his brother heartily. They hug tightly, and one can just pick up on how deep the family bonds run in this family. After the first round of excitement dies down a bit, another unexpected surprise awaits him.

When he sees who it is, he is totally knocked off his feet; no words can express his joy when he lays his eyes upon the one who brought him into this life. Take a look at what happens in this touching clip.