Man uses tiny fishing net to rescue small shark trapped in pen—but how it ends is totally epic

When a super yacht crew docked in the Abacos in the northern part of the Bahamas, one crew member noticed a “pin” in the corner while walking around the marina in Marsh Harbour. Swimming around the perimeter in circles was a black tip reef shark, clearly distressed.

Locals told him that the small shark, along with two giant stingrays, had been corralled in the carcass strewn ocean pen in a failed attempt to attract other marine life. Sentenced to a cruel and horrible death, this young man couldn’t turn his cheek to the poor creature.

With little regard for his own safety and armed with nothing but a small fishing net, the brave man hopped into the pin to capture the starving, stressed out shark.

Unaware that freedom is just moments away, the small predator almost rips through the net with its muscled body and sandpaper-like skin trying to wrestle its way out of his kindhearted rescuers hands; until finally, it feels the familiar, refreshing touch of the ocean water.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Newsflare