Marine hasn’t seen newborn due to deployment. But when the wait is finally over—it’s magical

After serving his country out at sea, a U.S. marine finally gets to see his wife and—at last—meets his baby daughter up close for the first time—and it’s all captured in this heartfelt video.

It wasn’t in their plans to have a baby yet because of the marine’s occupation, but still, their love bloomed and his wife conceived a baby.

Indeed, it’s a hard time for both of them. He wasn’t there when his wife had her appointments, ultrasounds, first kicks, and when she gave birth to their beautiful daughter.

Despite the circumstances of living temporarily apart, the marine’s wife had been sending him ultrasound updates of their little one on the way.

At long last, the wait is over and the two reunite. No more Skype, nor sending of photos back and forth. Now, they are a family of three.

Watch as he cradles their daughter in his arms for the first time.

Video Credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.