Men release hundreds of baby sea turtles on beach—but watch how instinct suddenly takes over

A swarm of baby sea turtles is suddenly set free on a beach in this spectacular event caught on video—truly something to behold. Instinctually, they are drawn toward the waves and disperse as quickly as their tiny flippers can propel them across the sand.

It turns out, the exact number of baby sea turtles is 328. They were rescued and released by the Marine Life Alliance, a not-for-profit organization operating out of Southern Bangladesh.

Conservationists walk the beach regularly to either re-bury eggs for natural hatching or retrieve eggs at risk to be hatched in captivity.

Almost all species of sea turtle are on the endangered list due to habitat destruction and overfishing. In the wild, they regularly live to the ripe old age of 80 years; however, some species have been documented as living for over 400 years. Other sea turtle species regularly live for a couple of centuries.

These turtles have a tough road ahead. The strongest amongst them will survive their initial experience in the open waters, but many will perish. They are solitary animals who require no help from their mother after she lays their eggs.

Watch as the spectacle of baby turtles disperse like an adorable marathon run, with sprinters stretching far out front and slower runners straggling behind. And with hard work and a little luck, they might live to produce their own babies one day.

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