Mom hosting family reunion gets unexpected visitor, but when you see her reaction—it’s priceless!

A woman was hosting a family reunion in Los Angeles, California when an unexpected visitor cashed the party. When she notices him, she immediately starts screaming and running around from pure joy and appreciation of the unexpected surprise.

The woman in the video seems to be doing a few party chores when a Marine in his full uniform walks out onto the patio. The woman turns around and immediately starts screaming excitedly and runs off, unable to deal with all that emotion all at once.

The unexpected guest, who chases her down, open-armed, is her son who had been deployed overseas, and it was the first time the mother had seen her brave boy in over two years!

After catching her breath and still sobbing, she is able to properly greet her boy, who walks over and matches her joyous tears with a warm embrace. Everyone attending is heard cheering happily for the reunion of this military family, and we are grateful that after two years of service, this Marine is able to come home to a warm and loving family who has been waiting for him.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin