Mom of 3 has 74-inch-long hair—but wait until you see her real-life Rapunzel daughters

We all wash our hair in the shower, but have you ever fallen over while shampooing just because the water made your gorgeous Rapunzel-like locks too heavy to handle?!

That’s what happened to this lovely mom—she hasn’t had a haircut in her life, and neither have her three beautiful daughters. In this video, she explains what it is like to have hair like Rapunzel. On one special day, they all pay the hairdresser a visit—but not to have their locks lopped off!

Hair… ever had a tangle in yours? Well, spare a thought for those with long hair: How much time must one spend to keep those locks looking glorious? Here is a family with hair so long you might think it’s fake hair. But no, it’s real—all 13 feet of it.


Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell’s hair is 74 inches in length. And her three daughters have followed in mom’s footsteps by never having their hair cut either. In fact, they are called The Rapunzels of Illinois.

However, Tere can’t wash her hair in the shower; she tried it once a few years ago, and the weight of it wet caused her to fall over.

Her husband, Chip, equally adores his wife’s beautiful Rapunzel look. “When I first saw Tere Lynn, her hair was so eye-catching. It was really appealing to me. I know she keeps it for me, and I really appreciate it,” he told HuffPost.

Tere says her girls are able to decide for themselves in the future if they want to have them trimmed. But for now, the mom and daughters are all happy to flaunt their elegantly long hair!