Motorist sees debris flying off the truck in front of him—then the unthinkable happens

A dad of two, while heading down a busy highway, lived through what could have been a motorist’s worst nightmare when he spots a hauling truck that’s not all put together. Watch the terrifying moment when its brakes explode, sending easily deadly debris hurtling right for his head.

Watch as the danger unfolds in vivid detail on the driver’s dashcam. Random, indistinguishable items continually fly off what appears to be the top of the truck’s trailer.

Suddenly there is a puff of dirty brown smoke near the wheel of the trailer, and a large piece of shrapnel dramatically bounces off the asphalt at highway speeds and rockets through the man’s windshield.

Andy Foster, 33, says the only reason the brake plate didn’t take his head clean off was due to the fact that he ducked at the last possible moment, and the debris only grazed his shoulder and hit his headrest.

Foster says when the object hit the windshield of his Nissan Qashqai, it did so with such force that glass was found in the trunk of the car. He stated the object was also so hot that it burned through his windscreen.

The final scenes of the video feature the truck driver, having pulled over, frantically pulling on a safety vest as he runs back to meet with Foster.

It’s a mix of pure luck and fast reactions that Andy Foster is here today, and it’s certain that his two sons are grateful for that roll of the dice.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Caters