Neighbors gather around building when they notice something’s odd—seconds later, they’re horrified

In Bihar, Eastern India, a video went viral after residents of the agriculture-heavy Sheohar district found themselves witnessing a horrifying occurrence out on the street near a towering residential building.

Passersby stopped to stare when they noticed that the building, which stood roughly four stories tall, was leaning to one side rather significantly.

After someone began recording, they all watched on in horror as the building continued to tilt—and eventually, fell to the side and collapsed altogether!

No one died in the incident, but a few residents of the building were injured…and we can assume that quite a few people were shaken up, as well.

India has taken huge strides in recent years towards becoming a developed nation. In the last decade alone, the country has built roads and cities at a breakneck pace and have added hundreds of thousands of jobs to the market.

As one of the world’s most populous and largest geographic nations, though, the development still hasn’t quite reached all areas of the country, and many small villages still lack the modern advances that bigger areas now boast.

As a result, videos like this viral clip are able to be recorded—but are also able to transpire. The good thing, at the very least, is that people are now able to witness what still happens; hopefully, the raised worldwide awareness will help move things forward a bit faster.

Source: ©Facebook Video Screenshot | Caters