Never have bad hair day again after learning these styling hacks!

Nobody wants to go outside with a head of messy, disheveled hair, today we will show you 3 easy and cute hairstyles and the tricks to getting them done in minutes, so you can get your hair nicely styled even when you’re running late!

Getting started

Make a ponytail with the hairs on the top of your head, then use your fingers to make a hole above the elastic

Use one hand to keep the hair separated and use the other hand to pull the ponytail through the hole

Next gather the bottom part of your hair and secure it with elastic into a bun shape. Make a hole above the elastic of the bun, and pull the bun through the hole

And there you have it, a chic and hassle-free hairstyle done in minutes!

For detailed directions and more hairstyles, watch the full video below:

Though we may be busy in our everyday lives but it’s always important to keep a neat and presentable appearance that’ll not just impress other people but make ourselves feel fabulous!

Credit: Luxy Hair

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