People find baby elephant stuck in well—before attempting rescue, they must scare away her mom

Three conservationists try their hardest to rescue a baby elephant stuck inside a well—after they succeed in pulling the calf out, the video captures their heartwarming family reunion.

The video shows two distressed elephants surrounding a ground-well where a baby elephant calf is stuck. The calf frantically tries to pull itself out of the muddy well while her anxious mother stands guard. Conservation employees are unable to safely rescue the calf with her mother nearby, so the woman scares the momma away with her car.

After the mother vacates the area, all three employees immediately get to work. They attach a rope to the front of their vehicle and try to wrap it around the rear end of the calf. Their efforts were made more difficult by the depth of the well—the rope was floating on top of the water, which made sliding anything beneath the calf a strenuous task.

After several minutes, the two men finally signaled the driver to back the car up. Slowly, the driver reverses the car, and the calf begins to emerge. To everyone’s delight, the calf slides completely out of the well, dusts herself off, and rushes off in the direction of her mother’s calls. The rescuers follow the calf as she dashes across the plain to locate her momma.

Her mother’s reaction is heart-melting. Thank you to the camera crew for capturing such a lovely reunion.