Poor guy tries to buy Lamborghini in social experiment—when his ride shows up, they’re stunned

When a slightly overweight man in a threadbare t-shirt pulls up to a Lamborghini dealership in an old, used-model compact sedan, the attendants at the dealership aren’t sure what to do with him.

He informs them that he’s there to buy a car, and goes about the process of walking around to take a look at the vehicles; from Porsches to Bentleys, the man closely inspects them all with patience and polite curiosity.

When he’s looked down upon by every associate there, though, he reveals his true motives.

The moment he arrives, the sale is all but dead. The attendant in the parking lot insists on hearing his monthly salary before he even walks into the dealership, and another woman quickly asks him if he’s waiting for someone or looking for someone when she sees him checking out the various models.

He’s denied the ability to look at the interior of the cars or take them for a test drive, despite asking for specifics and wanting to know more.

So ultimately, he turns the situation around on them—and when the car he’s actually decided to “buy” drives up, the looks on their faces are priceless!

As he drives away, the host of the incredibly telling video lets the owner of the car he’s now test-driving know: he wanted to buy a car at the dealership, but they wouldn’t let him see the keys. If that didn’t embarrass them into changing their behavior, nothing will.

Source: ©Video Screenshot | MAXMAN