Professor puts balls, pebbles & sand in a jar. But when he pulls out 2 drinks—class is shocked

Life can sometimes get us down; it can be tedious, and we may even lose focus on the most important things. In this brief but inspiring video, Professor Kim Emerson teaches his class a valuable lesson about prioritization. Don’t miss it—we can all benefit from his words of wisdom.

To the class, to whom he asks, the jar is full from the moment he fills it with golf balls. However, he just keeps adding to it.

“Is it full now?” He asks the class once again.

“Yes,” they respond yet again.

The professor utilizes the jar to its maximum capacity, adding not only golf balls, but pebbles, sand, and beer in this down-to-earth lesson that’s becoming increasingly interesting.

Whilst this may illustrate that people can do a lot more than what they might imagine, the essence of the lesson lies in his explanation of what the golf balls, pebbles, and sand represent. And that’s when the lesson takes on a whole new meaning.

A student asks for clarity on the beer though.

Want a touch of inspiration in your day? Are you in need of a little guidance? This may help align your mindset in the right direction and help you to identify and prioritize the important things in your life.

Video Credit: YouTube | Meir Kay.

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