Puppy falls into well & is scared stiff—when rescuers rappel down, he barks and hides in hole

Animal rescue efforts are not easy, and sometimes it can be dangerous. Looking at this video, rescue equipment can be sparse too, but one has to make do.

This poor puppy found itself in a dire situation—it fell into a deep well with no way to escape. Luckily, someone found him in the open well and notified a rescue team.

A small group of rescuers came with only a long, white rope. They tied the rope around a young man and began to lower him slowly into the well.

The puppy was scared and started to bark at the strange man. No matter how hard the man tried to calm the pup down or get the dog to come to him, the puppy wouldn’t budge.

The man then decided to approach, causing the puppy to hide inside a hole in the wall. With no other alternative, the rescuer pulled the puppy out and held onto its mouth with one hand. While clutching the little puppy tightly, his friends began to hoist him back up.

Once they reached the top and the pup was let go, it ran straight to its mother, who was not too far away. The pup was so happy that it wagged its tail non-stop and jumped up and down. Glad to see that this rescue effort was a success and ended happily.