Scared dog stuck between high-rise railing—then, man risks his life and scales up the wall

This video clip shows one daring man risking it all to save a pup dangling on the edge of a high-rise apartment building.

A horrific accident was averted when a man saved a dog hanging halfway down a high-rise building from its hips. The terrified dog was headed one way, and that was into the concrete pavement far below. That’s when this man risked his neck by making a huge effort to save it.

A somewhat large dog got himself into a predicament when he got stuck between balustrades of a balcony and was unable to free himself. He was slipping through the bars at an alarming rate, desperately clawing the wall in an attempt to get back up. A man on the floor below happened to see this frightening scene.

He knew it was up to him to act.

At first, he had the idea to get a long stick and push the dog back up. The dog tried its best to cooperate, but it clearly wasn’t working and only seemed to worsen the situation.

The man knew that he had to act quickly—he climbed straight up the wall from his balcony. The man pulled himself up with determination, eventually hauling himself over the balustrades of the apartment and onto the balcony where the dog was still dangling helplessly from his hips. The man grabbed the desperate dog and pulled him back through the narrow bars.

Video Credit: Jukinmedia.

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