She drips nail polish into a bowl of water, watch what happens after she dipped her finger in!

Do you want to have your nails done beautifully but don’t want to spend the big bucks at nail salon? Well here we will present 4 stylish, easy to learn nail art designs you can do for yourself at home. Check out the step by step instructions below!

Getting Started

Pick out your desired nail polish colors, then start by taking one of them and place 1-2 drops of nail polish into a bowl of water. Wait for a few seconds until the droplet spreads out into a thin film before you drip in another color.

Keep adding in new drops of nail polish, remember it’s best to choose contrasting colors.

Now take a sharp tip nail tool or a toothpick and dip it into the nail polish, swirl it around to create marbling.

Continue swirling until the different colors formed a marble pattern

Dip one finger into the water, make sure you dip nail side down

Remove your finger after few seconds, use a tool to peel off the excess nail polish around your nails

Finish off with a glossy top coat, and you’re done!

Don’t these nails look fabulous? You can forget about going to the nail salon now!

For detailed directions and more nail art tutorial, watch the full video below:

All that’s needed are some creativity and willingness to learn, and you too can achieve a salon-quality nail art design at home!

Credit: Nail Muse

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