She looks like an ordinary grandma—but wait until you hear her play the piano

This special 83-year-old lady is the brightest star you will hear in a long time as she plays Chopin, Mendelssohn, or her own composition.

Natalie Trayling puts her heart and soul into her improvisations. Her music is spellbinding, and she is pure genius as she composes spontaneously. For many years, Natalie has been heard on the streets of Melbourne, Australia, lifting the spirits of passersby with her piano playing.

She was classically trained by the nuns as a young girl, and over the past few decades—being unable to afford a piano and often homeless—Natalie could be seen around the city playing a street piano, or a store piano.

Natalie’s life had been full of tragedy; she suffered through the death of two of her daughters—one at 6 and the other at 22. Her husband divorced her in 1984, and years later, Natalie became homeless and plagued by ill health. But she always has had her music. But it was only after she had turned 80 that she received international recognition. Natalie’s son, Matthew, had uploaded a video of her playing the piano, and it went viral.

“When I filmed this some time back, I felt, well was hoping that maybe the world would sit back and listen to one of, if not the best ‘unknown composer’ in the world today (my mum ‘Natalie’) Well it seems the world ‘is’ listening and rightly so. This is just ‘one’ of her compositions. And it appears to be going ‘viral’ on YouTube. There are many more that I would call absolute master pieces. Pending the right time, you will be introduced to those, but in the meantime…enjoy the ‘now,’” Matthew commented on the video he had uploaded to YouTube.

Watching her at the piano and listening to the spellbinding, beautiful music she plays will touch your heart.

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