Street-smart dog evades rescuers again & again, but when rescuers finally corner her—watch out!

When volunteers at Hope For Paws showed up to rescue an adorable golden dog that had been recently abandoned, they did not think it would be one of their more challenging rescues.

The dog had been abandoned on the street and was still living in the same neighborhood as her former owners. Neighbors said her family simply didn’t want her or her siblings, who had recently disappeared, anymore—and kept Blondie alive by feeding her scraps.

She had been hanging out at an empty lot in the neighborhood ever since.

When volunteers Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz showed up, though, they definitely underestimated how easy this rescue would be! Blondie was understandably suspicious and terrified of humans after being dumped on the streets so cold-heartedly, but she was also extremely clever—something the Wiltz and Arturo didn’t account for when preparing her rescue.

After several failed rescue attempts over the course of 3 days, the well-intentioned rescuers were finally able to capture the escape artist and take her back to the Hope For Paws shelter in Los Angeles, where she received some much needed medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Watch how happy and playful she is now!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Hope for Paws