‘T-Rex’ puppy: This cute doggo was born without front legs, but he’s a happy little soul

The cute little pup in this 56-second video clip will steal your heart. Although this precious pup was born with no front legs, he’s always happy and never growls at anyone for any reason.

Just like humans, animals are sometimes born with birth defects and disabilities. And, just like humans, they need a loving environment—especially when they are young. This white ball of fluff was born without front legs but was fortunate enough to be placed in a caring sanctuary in Orlando, Florida.

Pippin is a mixed-breed puppy who was born without a trace of any front legs whatsoever. He was taken in with open arms by the staff at LoveyLoaves Special Needs Rescue and Sanctuary, while he awaited a suitable new family to adopt him. Other than his missing two legs, Pippin is a very healthy pup, with no medical issues.

©Facebook | LoveyLoaves

Despite his handicap, Pippin is in no pain whatsoever. He is a very happy and healthy pup, who’s loved by everyone at the shelter. He likes to play and bite with his “razor-sharp raptor teeth” and also whimpers when he wants to be held or fed.

He walks, runs, and behaves almost like a normal dog as if he doesn’t have any defect at all. Rather, Pippin walks around as if he owns the place—a bit like a T-Rex—and when he runs, he hops like a cute bunny!

©Facebook Video | LoveyLoaves

The shelter is now planning on giving him wheels, so he can roll about and run more normally—though he is still too young to be fitted for the prosthetic. Getting him custom fitted for one would be a waste of time and money, since he is still growing at a rapid pace.

Isn’t he super adorable?! Check out the video to see Pippin’s adorable “T-Rex” walk and his playful spirit!

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