Teens travel 1500 miles to unite after meeting online, and when they finally meet, it’s amazing

Love is powerful. Young love is like a freight train.

The advent of the internet has had far-reaching and amazing changes in how we interact. More and more people are finding the love of their lives online.

Among these are Tay and Diego. They had nurtured their friendship for over a year until they finally had an opportunity to meet in person.

Fourteen-hundred and 80 miles separated them. As two young adults with no access to transportation, they may have well have been separated by the stars.

Watch as these two young hearts finally make the opportunity to unite in person and kick off their relationship side by side for the first time. Anyone who has experienced young love will empathize with these two untamed hearts.

The video has been viewed almost 3 million times and has garnered tens of thousands of other reactions in under a year on YouTube.

Video Credit: YouTube | HeyItsTay

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