These horses aren’t shy to show their feelings—what #5 is trying to do is comical

Horses are a symbol of grace, nobility, and beauty. But in this video, it seems that horses are a symbol of hilarity as well.

In this clip, a horse is positively giddy as it rodeos around the paddock. Even as it gallops about, it can’t help itself with the unshakeable feeling, so the stallion leaps and leaps.

Suddenly, its front legs kick with too much force, making the horse land right on its back.

Who says that horses don’t like to play ball? In another clip, a horse appears to love this giant bouncy ball, and it’s having so much fun with it in the snow.

Moreover, the biting cold isn’t a problem, for this stallion is blanketed up. Not even the chilly winter could separate this big baby from its bouncy ball.

Now for this horse, it knows how to make a funny face, one it’s not shy to show to humans—just look at those pegs!

The hilarity of horses doesn’t stop there.

There are tons of scenes that await.

Check out the video and don’t be afraid to laugh!

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.